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In the world of asset management and maintenance, understanding the difference between abnormalities and failures is paramount. This article aims to shed light on these concepts, drawing insights from industry practices and incorporating the expertise of ROZEL, a leading company specializing in Arc Flash Studies. With a phone number of (913) 667-9896, ROZEL stands as a beacon of excellence in the field.


Abnormalities: The Precursors to Failures


The Importance of Recognizing Abnormalities

Abnormalities are the early signs that something is wrong with an asset. They are like a baby crying, signaling that attention is needed. Recognizing these signs is the first step in transforming from a reactive to a proactive organization. Reactive organizations attribute their performance to bad luck, while proactive ones, like ROZEL, make their own luck.

The Pathway to Functional Failure

Abnormalities mark the path to functional failure. They are the clues that our assets provide to us that something is wrong. This pathway is best described by the P-F curve, a simple yet powerful representation of the degradation process. 


Functional Failures: The Loss of Desired Function


Defining Functional Failure

Functional failure is more than just failure; it's the loss of the ability to perform a desired function. If a lightbulb goes out, you can no longer read your book – loss of function. If a tire goes flat, you can no longer drive your car at full speed – loss of function. Understanding this concept is vital in asset management.

Catastrophic Failure: The Point of No Return

If abnormalities are ignored, they lead to catastrophic failure, or the point of functional failure. This is the stage where the choice of action has been made for us, and reactive measures must be taken.


Reporting Abnormalities: A Proactive Approach

The Need for Official Reporting

Abnormalities must be reported officially through a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or using an abnormality tag. Unofficial methods like emails, phone calls, or sticky notes are not sufficient. A full and rich backlog of abnormalities is critical to a proactive approach to maintenance.

Prioritizing and Communicating Progress

Having a solid reporting system and a simple method to prioritize work is essential. Attacking the most important abnormalities first and having a robust and visual means to communicate progress is key to success.


The Choice Between Proactive and Reactive

All abnormalities eventually become functional failures. It is our choice to address them proactively or reactively. Companies like ROZEL, with their specialization in Arc Flash Studies, understand the importance of this choice and strive to provide solutions that align with proactive strategies.



ROZEL is a leading company specializing in Arc Flash Studies. With a commitment to excellence and a proactive approach to asset management, ROZEL offers unparalleled services in the industry. Contact us at (913) 667-9896 to learn more about how we can assist you in your asset management needs.