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NFPA 70E Revised Edition For 2021

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) updates their Electrical Safety in the Workplace standard NFPA 70E® every 3 years. Since the last edition was published in 2018, we are due for a revised edition in 2021. Typically, the printed versions are available in the fall of the previous year, so the NFPA is currently shipping customers their new copy.

Why is NFPA 70E Revised?

We always say that the rules are written for a reason. Organizations such as the NFPA generally make changes to place a focus where there has been accidents or injuries since the previous update. Other revisions are made to add clarification or remove out of date language.

Here are a few of the changes and updates that appear in the 2021 Edition.

Article 100

  • Several definitions have been revised to add clarity, some deleted because they no longer appear in the standard.

Article 110 

  • Article 110 contains the general requirements of the standard. It has been reorganized to add a priority section that includes emphasis on eliminating electrical hazards. i.e creating an Electrically Safe Work Condition.
  • Classroom training can include interactive electronic or interactive web-based training.

Article 130 

  • Table 130.5(C) A new task was added to the table. Operation of a CB or switch the first time after installation or completion of maintenance of the equipment. was added with a yes for likelihood occurrence.
  • 130.5(G) Informational Note “The arc rating of outer layers worn over arc-rated clothing as protection from the elements or for other safety purposes, and that are not used as part of a layered system, shall not be required to be equal to or greater than the estimated incident energy exposure.

Retraining is an Important Part of Your Electrical Safety Program

NFPA 70E® requires that qualified electrical workers receive retraining every three years. This is to ensure that they are current with any changes to the standard that could impact their safety. Retraining is also is an important step in the building an electrical safety culture. Rules and work practice requirements due tend to fade from our memory over time. A refresher course will provide a review of the fundamentals that your electrical workers may have forgotten as well as get them up to speed up on new information they need to be aware of.

Rozel has you covered

Beginning this fall, Rozel will be covering the 2021 edition of NFPA 70E® in all our training settings.

Have a question?

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