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Don't worry, Rozel is nearby. We have offices close to Tampa and our customers are located all over the country.

We know it's hot in Tampa, we live in Florida too... We also know how uncomfortable too much PPE can be.  Let us calculate your hazards and tell you exactly how much PPE is the right amount.

What is an arc flash study?

Everyone knows that electricity can shock you but in most industrial and commercial environments, electricity can also create a large explosion called an arc flash.  Rozel determines how large an electrical arc flash could be, we help you identify what PPE to wear when working near the equipment and we train your employees to safely work around it.

A typical Arc Flach Evaluation consists of the following:

Data Collection

The characteristics of your electrical equipment determine the severity of hazards.

It all starts with the power entering your facility. Our workers collect utility information and details about your existing equipment. We obtain breaker part numbers, settings, fuse information, wire sizes, etc.

You hire us to do the work, we do the data collection, you do your regular job.

One Line Drawings

We create one line drawings for you!

The data we collect is entered in our software (we use EasyPower, SKM & ETAP). We must create one lines to do our job but then you can use them to troubleshoot in the future.

We can also create a formal drawing package for you, let us know if you’re interested.

Arc Flash & Shock Hazard Labeling

Our team applies the labels for you.

Labels will comply with the 2018 edition of NFPA 70E. Service equipment labels will include information to comply with 2017 NEC section 110.24 (available fault current).

Arc Flash Mitigation/Reduction

After leaving your facility we keep working.

Our engineers examine your existing configuration and determine what can be completed to lower your hazards.  Sometimes a simple breaker setting change is all that is required, other times you might need to replace fuses or breakers. We will prioritize recommendations to make it as easy as possible to determine your next step.

Coordination Study

Ever wondered why a breaker trips when your motor starts?  We look at that too!  Proper coordination ensures that breakers and fuses trip when you want them to.  Your final report will outline any existing issues and have recommendations for fixing them.

Short Circuit Study

Your facility could have over 30,000 amps available from your utility.  It's an NEC requirement that all of your equipment is rated higher than what's available at each location.  Our engineers analyze this information and let you know how to fix any issues.

Infrared Thermography

Sometimes Rozel workers will open a majority of your panels during data collection.  This is a great time for a deep discount on an IR scan.  Learn more about our IR services by clicking on the button.

Rozel Offers NFPA 70E-based Arc Flash Hazard Evaluations and Electrical Safety Training Services

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Download our Free Electrical Hazard Boundaries Poster

Use this two sided poster to educate your employees on electrical hazards and easily understand the content of your arc flash label