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Great Class and very informative

May 13, 2024

Although I’m not a Electrician, the information and questions answered during this Class was very eye opening! Our Teacher made the class much less tedious than it was. I found out that I was not being as safe as possible due to risk ignorance. I will definitely handle some situations and tasks much more cautious in the future.

Travis Berlin

Rozel- Electrical shock / Arc flash training.

May 13, 2024

This training class is very well structured and very informative. “Brian” our trainer was very knowledgeable and very well versed in electrical knowledge as he had been an “on the job” electrician for many years. We had a lot of younger technicians in our class, And they were able to understand the way Brian shared his experiences and knowledge. Very good class…..


Knowledgeable Instructor

May 13, 2024

The class was just about the right length to keep me engaged and not drag on. The instructor was knowledgeable and related to material to real situations and experiences.

Adam Bissen

Engineering Tech II

May 13, 2024

Good information.

Important to me is for everyone to be able to read and understand the labels and warnings.

It’s important to keep yourself and others safe and I feel like you did a great job of explaining the danger of electricity and the importance of making sure you and everyone around you is working safely.


Rob Harvey

Very good instructor with much passion

May 13, 2024

Training was a great experience as always with Brian. He’s very engaging and enthusiastic about what he does. His vast hands on and in the field background definitely show.

Miek Berry