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Qualifications for Offsite Evaluations

An Offsite evaluation means that the customer performs the data collection instead of Rozel sending a technician, then Rozel mails labels for the customer to apply once the model is complete.  However, this option might not be for everyone.  First of all your facility must be electrically simple and typically smaller than 25,000 sqft.  Your utility’s main transformer should be smaller than 300kVA.  We would expect a system where the transformer then feeds one main panel.  The main panel has breakers that then feed to the final loads and usually no more panels exist downstream, one or two lighting panels fed from the main panel are also ok.  A system that is much more complicated than the above example might be too big.

If your facility sounds similar to the above example then all that’s left is your ability to feed us data.  Usually we prefer someone that is electrically knowledgeable but at a minimum must be electrically safe.  We will need to know breaker part numbers and breaker settings as well as wire sizes and wire quantities.  Sometimes this information is not accessible with covers in place and the customer will be responsible for gathering this data.  We will also expect many pictures.  With your information and the pictures you send we will be able to verify accuracy, ask questions and ensure the model is complete.

If you are not qualified to perform this work, find yourself with a lack of time to complete this work or your facility is more complicated than the examples in this post then don't worry.  It just means that a Rozel on-site evaluation may be more appropriate for you.


  • Utility information.
    • We will need utility characteristics for your main transformer:  We will send you a form letter that you will send to your utility provider. Your utility provider will need to return the form letter with the required information, usually within 2 weeks. Should you not receive the information a follow up will be needed. Pass the results on to us and we will approve or ask for more information.
    • Sometimes the utility provider only gives estimates.  If that is the case we will need a picture of the transformer, serial number and nameplate information.  We then contact the transformer manufacturer so they can provide characteristics

Data Collection

  • Start data collection at the utility feed.  At each step take a picture of the electrical device and name it.  Pictures will need to be sent numbered and in chronological order from the utility feed.
  • Create a hand drawing outlining each electrical device with interconnections. The drawing starts at the utility feed then work downstream. 
    • An example showing the information necessary can be found below
  • Electrical Room:
    • Take a overview (wide view) of the electrical room
    • Then picture of MDP
    • Then picture of the name tag on MDP
    • Then a picture of each breaker on MDP showing legible part number and settings
  • Conductors, we need:
    • Wire lengths from electrical device
    • Number of conductors
    • Size of conductors
    • Conductor material (indicate if not Cu)
  • Transformers around the facilities to include:
    • KVA
    • Voltage (primary/secondary)
    • Configuration (delta-wye, wye-wye, wye-delta, delta-delta)
    • Impedance (%Z)
  • Generators:
    • Provide KVA or KW, also indicate on the drawings if there is a breaker attached to the generator.  If a breaker is attached, refer to the heading “breaker”.
  • Breakers:
    •  We need a clear picture of each entire breaker, including the type of breaker (PK, RG, etc) as well as the type of trip unit and any settings.  I.e. thermal magnetic, set to lo (or ⅖, etc) or micrologic 5.0, Long time- X, Short Time- X Short Time Delay- X Instantaneous- X Ground Fault- X.
  • Fuses
    • We need a clear picture of each fuse, as well as the following information
      • Manufacturer
      • Part type
      • Ampacity
  • Motors (>50 HP), motor HP
  • While onsite confirm with the Rozel electrical engineer assigned to you that you have collected sufficient information for our electrical calculations.  Working hours of Rozel electrical engineers are 8am to 5pm EDT.

Label Application 

  • We will be sending you electrical safety labels.  Some labels will be machine specific.  Be careful before you apply them.  Be sure you are applying each onto the proper location.  
  • We also supply generic labels; these are indicated by a large bold <1.2 cal/cm^2.  These are to be applied on all remaining electrical enclosures i.e. disconnects, panels at or over 50 volts that were not covered in the specific labels.

Final Report

  • Our final report will be issued approximately 4-6 weeks after the electrical safety labels are sent.