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PPC Airfoils is a large national company that is headquartered in Mentor, Ohio.

Challenge: PPC requires intensive safety training, but runs a lean staff through three shifts

The Mentor facility principally manufactures Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT) products for land-based turbine applications for power generation. Their plant runs with a lean and efficient staff 24 hours/day. Traditional 8-hour training classes would require production downtime that would result in missed deadlines.

However, quality electrical safety training is of the utmost importance to them considering the intensity of exposure to electrical equipment. BCH was able to accommodate their demanding schedule.

Solution: BCH provides them with incremental training spanning all three shifts

Brian Hall provided training for the maintenance departments at three of their facilities. In order to provide quality electrical safety training to these workers while eliminating production downtime. Brian worked with the safety manager to come in on all three shifts every Tuesday for a month.

Brian did 2 hour blocks starting at 5 in the morning to cover the third shift, then did another session starting at 7:00AM to train the dayshift and then came back at 3:00PM to train the afternoon shift. This was the only way the safety manager was able to get buy-in for the training to the production and maintenance hierarchy.

The training was very effective and well received.