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Paulo Products is a heat treating and tempering company that is based in St. Louis, MO, and has a factory in Willoughby, OH.

The problem: Not receiving sufficient electrical safety training as their safety trainer resides in Missouri

As a company that has employees working with dangerous electrical machinery daily, electrical safety training needs to be a priority. But, the Paulo Products safety trainer is located at their headquarters in St. Louis, MO. Scheduling conflicts and logistics were a problem. Their Willoughby factory just wasn't getting sufficient training.

"I met the safety manager at the Lake County Safety Expo in the spring. He confided in me the challenges they were having getting effective training from corporate. It just wasn't available to the extent needed in Willoughby. The risk for injuries and subsequent fines was growing" -- Brian Hall, CESP

The solution: Local, interactive training on an as-needed basis

BCH has taken over their local training and is available whenever needed. BCH provides them excellent hands-on training that duplicates the work their electricians do on a daily basis. The workers are tested and fully qualified to work in their environments.

The safety manager is so pleased with BCH's training that he has recommended Brian to the corporate office and he may lighten the load for their St. Louis corporate training as well.


Dear Brian,

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the services provided by BCH Electrical Consulting. When I first reached out to you, we were about a year or so into receiving our Arc Flash Training that our corporate office scheduled (the 3 year reoccurring). I had 3 employees that had been hired since and a couple that “missed” the training. We needed a local trainer to deliver comprehensive arc flash training.

I’m pleased to say that expectations were met and exceeded. I’ll admit that training prior mainly consisted of a “slide-a-thon” through NFPA 70e, mostly treated as an ongoing refresher. The level of training we received from you was engaging and informative. Feedback was very positive from the employees about the training.

Doing business with BCH is concise, and in the modern world, it is a highly sought after quality. It is as simple as requesting training, setting a date and writing the check. Employees can now start their full line of duties with proper training in a timely fashion. We’ve effective taken an overwhelming safety process and made it easy to navigate.

Take pride in knowing that you offer an exceptional electrical safety course that I would gladly recommend to any of my peers. You have a repeat customer in us. When new maintenance hires come in, my first thought will be “I better give BCH a call.”

Thank you,
Wil Haman | Safety and Supply Coordinator
Paulo Products Company, American Brazing Division