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Electrical safety training. 24/7

Attention S&H Managers:

Rozel's NFPA 70E Based Online Electrical Safety Training On Demand fills the gap left between live, comprehensive electrical safety trainings.


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Who should complete this electrical safety training?

We have different levels of online training to fit your needs!

Our Advanced Qualified Worker Training class is great for your most advanced electrical people including maintenance, electricians and engineers.

The 1hr Qualified Worker class (also available in Spanish) is a great tool for keeping the safety skills of qualified electrical workers sharp and concise.  Additionally this class is perfect for ensuring the safety of new hires or contractors who will be performing electrical work in your facility by reinforcing the use of recognized electrical safety standards.

Additionally, we have an Unqualified Worker class meant for all others working around electricity.  OSHA 1910.332 states that employees who are considered unqualified (not formally trained electrical workers) shall be trained in and familiar with any electrically related safety practices which are necessary for their safety.

New Workers

Newly hired workers will likely be acquired between scheduled live electrical training sessions. This course is a necessary introduction to NFPA 70E's most critical information.

Outside Technicians and Maintenance Persons

Most companies routinely bring in third party technicians and maintenance workers on an as-needed basis. This affordable 1-hour course will help ensure their safety, your equipments' safety and your OSHA compliance.

Refresher for Electricians and Safety Managers

Staff electricians and safety managers need to be aware of current NFPA 70E regulations. This quick refresher will help keep you and your employees up to speed and OSHA compliant.

NFPA 70E Based Training

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Because untrained personnel in the workplace invites risk to your employees, equipment and OSHA Compliance

In response to customer demand, Rozel’s electrical safety engineers and Brian Hall, CESCP have designed a cost-effective online training solution to bridge the gap between live electrical safety training sessions.


Rozel’s Online 1hr - Qualified Electrical Worker Safety Training is a convenient and easy solution that requires only an internet connection. It’s always available and can be completed in less than 1 hour, or in segments as time allows. It requires no technical knowledge to complete. It is as easy as taking an online quiz on Facebook.


The online course is derived from Brian Hall CESCP's live electrical training sessions which are based upon NFPA 70E standards. Each section ends with interactive testing, ensuring the accurate completion of the safety training material.  A passing score needs to be obtained on the comprehensive exam to complete the course.


Rozel has multiple classes to choose from.  Our 1hr Qualfied Electrical Worker Class costs only $45 per user.  The course is designed to be a cost-effective tool to introduce or refresh NFPA 70E based training to people who have no current access to more comprehensive live training.

Upon completion of the 1hr Qualified Electrical Worker training you will be able to:

  • Identify the electrical hazards present in the workplace
  • Describe methods of Safe Contact Release (free someone who is being shocked)
  • List the hierarchy of risk controls
  • Define a qualified person
  • List the steps required to create an electrically safe condition
  • Identify the proper test instrument for verifying the absence of voltage
  • Recognize the shock hazard protection boundaries
  • Describe protective barriers and shields
  • Identify various alerting methods
  • Describe the methods used to select and test insulating gloves
  • Recognize insulated tools and when to use them
  • Understand the requirements for performing energized work
  • Identify common causes of arc flash events
  • Describe the hazards associated with arc flash/blast events
  • Understand how to read an arc flash warning label
  • Determine personal protective equipment requirements based on incident energy
  • State the care and maintenance requirements of electrical personal protective equipment
  • Identify the rating, use and limitations of arc flash personal protective equipment

The Rozel Difference

Rozel’s electrical safety engineers and Brian Hall, CESCP have designed a cost-effective online training solution to bridge the gap between live electrical safety training sessions.

This Online Electrical Safety Training on Demand course is derived from Brian Hall ’s live electrical training sessions which are based upon NFPA 70E standards.

Rozel’s Professional Engineers and Electrical Certified Professionals serve hundreds of companies around the world.

Brian Hall trains over 1,000 workers per year nationwide in NFPA 70E safety regulations, and is a regular Safety Council presenter and author.


Rozel's affordable online electrical safety trainingThis easy and affordable online training will help mitigate risk to your employees, equipment and OSHA Compliance.

Do you have multiple employees who need electrical safety training?

Do you have multiple locations throughout the United States or the world and want to make sure that your employees are staying safe when working on or near electrical equipment? Rozel’s online electrical safety training may be the solution you have been looking for.

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