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Rozel is looking for ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS, ELECTRICAL TECHNICIANS & ELECTRICIANS or anyone with an electrical background

Preferred candidates will have industrial knowledge, electrical safety knowledge and prior exposure to NFPA 70E, SKM / EasyPower.

  • Are you looking for an electrician job?  We have positions available.

  • Rozel is hiring Electricians and Electrical Technicians to help with arc flash evaluation data collection.

  • These positions would require travel 26 weeks per year. You must be willing to travel for this position.

  • You will be opening electrical equipment in all types of facilities ranging from office buildings, universities, factories and power plants.

  • We are mostly looking for help with data collection, however it would be a plus if you are familiar with SKM, EasyPower or ETAP (don’t worry if you’ve never heard of these).

  • Are you interested in a flexible schedule? When not at a customer’s location, you can work from home.

  • If you’re an electrical tech or an electrician please contact us today.

  • Questions? Contact us!

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