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Electrical Safety Policies and Procedures

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NFPA 70E Compliant Electrical Safety Programs

Every business who has employees exposed to electrical hazards needs to have a document that clearly states how electrical work will be performed safely. This document should express the company’s expectations and standards for its electrical employees as well as give them a field guide to safe execution of this potentially dangerous work.

Reasons why workplaces need an electrical safety policy or program:

  • Clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to employee health safety;
  • State the company's standards and safety processes;
  • Clearly state employer and employee accountability and responsibility for workplace health and safety;
  • Ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety standards;
  • Mandates the safe work practices and procedures to be used to prevent workplace injuries and fatalities;
  • Administrative controls such as written procedures are a proven risk reduction tool that can significantly reduce costly accidents and their resulting injuries.

Let Rozel help

Our electrical safety programs and procedures are written by NFPA certified electrical safety experts who have years of experience writing an implementing electrical safety procedures and processes. We can provide you and your company with a cost-effective turn-key solution to your electrical safety administrative needs.

Elements of the Rozel program include:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Training Requirements
  • Chapter 3: Electrical Protective Equipment
  • Chapter 4: Identification of Electrical Hazard
  • Chapter 5 Working on or Near Energized Equipment
  • Chapter 6: Working on or Near Deenergized Electrical Equipment
  • Chapter 7: Flexible Cords and Portable Electric Electrical Equipment
  • Chapter 8: Working Space Around Electrical Equipment
  • Chapter 9: Revision History
  • Chapter 10: List of References

Included Forms

  • Energized Electrical Work Permit
  • Job Safety Plan and Pre-job Brief Checklist
  • Contractor Safety Policy and Acknowledgement
  • Electrical Lockout / Tagout Audit Form

Included Procedures

  • Detailed training plan for qualified and affected employees
  • Annual Employee Audit of General Electrical Safety Procedures
  • Managing Voltage Rated Rubber Insulating Gloves
  • Assured Equipment Grounding Procedure
  • Host and Contract Employer Safety Procedure
  • Electrical Risk Assessment Procedure
  • Procedure for working near overhead Powerlines
  • Creating an Electrically Safe Condition

Informative Annex’s

  • Approach distances to exposed energized equipment
  • Arc Flash Boundary Requirements
  • Arc Flash PPE Requirements
  • Voltage Rated glove inspection criteria
  • Informative posters which can be displayed near electrical equipment or in maintenance shops for quick reference

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