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The answer isn’t always straight forward but this might help:

Total square footage of your facility / 8 = ESTIMATED Price of evaluation

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If your facility is 125,000 sq ft, a decent starting number is $15,625.  Historically, this is an average cost to our customers, it could be high or could be low for your facility.

Several factors need to be considered when formulating price.  We want to provide you the most cost effective solution but many factors can impact the price of services.

  • A distribution center (DC), retail location, educational facility, airport, or an event center may have much less electrical equipment machine density than a production facility.  The less dense electrical equipment, lowers the cost.
  • Locations with dated electrical equipment that is not maintained, generally increases the cost.
  • Smaller facilities may fall into a minimum pricing structure which range from $7,000 to $10,000 depending on expenses.
  • In some cases, we are able to perform our evaluation services at a facility with single phase wiring, over the phone and/or email.  This would be at Rozel’s discretion and only when we can be absolutely sure that an on-site visit is not required for accurate results.

Rozel is extremely competitive in pricing!  We are proficient and professionals at partnering with our clients to bring a cost effective solution to all your electrical safety needs.

Our proposals are always provided at NO cost to you Call today or email us, we can start the process for calculating your cost exactly.