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At Rozel, our commitment to ensuring electrical safety in the workplace is second to none. Here, we present a detailed 9-step process that our experts follow for conducting a thorough arc flash study.


1. Data Collection

Every accurate arc flash analysis begins with meticulous data collection. Our team collects detailed system and equipment information, including nameplate specifications and overcurrent protective device characteristics.


2. System Model Creation

With the necessary data in hand, our experts utilize state-of-the-art software to create a system model that accurately mirrors your facility's electrical system.


3. System Analysis

The system model allows us to perform a comprehensive short circuit analysis, identifying the potential magnitude of fault currents within the system.


4. Protective Device Coordination

Rozel prioritizes the correct operation of protective devices during fault conditions. We ensure this through a protection device coordination study, which minimizes potential equipment damage and system disruption.


5. Arc Flash Hazard Calculation

Our specialists calculate the incident energy, measured in calories/cm², at each piece of equipment during this stage. Here, arc flash boundaries are set, and potential hazards are identified.


6. Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Report

After the analysis, we develop a detailed report that includes incident energy levels, arc flash boundaries, and recommended personal protective equipment (PPE). To learn more about our report structure, visit our resources page.


7. Electrical Equipment Labeling

Following the report, all electrical equipment associated with potential arc flash hazards must be appropriately labeled. These labels indicate the hazard level, necessary PPE, shock hazard, and boundary distance.


8. Safety Training and Planning

Rozel is committed to ensuring all employees are well-informed about potential hazards and the necessary preventive measures. We develop comprehensive training programs and safety plans for this purpose.


9. Regular Reviews and Updates

An arc flash study is not a one-time event. Rozel conducts regular reviews and updates to keep up with changes in your electrical system.


Frequently Asked Questions about Arc Flash Studies

  • What is an Arc Flash?
    An arc flash is a dangerous event that involves the release of energy due to an electrical arc. It transpires when the electrical insulation or isolation between conductors can no longer withstand the applied voltage.

  • Why is an Arc Flash Analysis crucial?
    An arc flash analysis is essential to ensure the safety of employees working on or near energized electrical equipment. It helps identify potential hazards and determine the level of PPE required.

  • How often should an Arc Flash Analysis be conducted?
    We recommend conducting an arc flash analysis whenever significant changes are made to your electrical system. Ideally, it should be reviewed at least every five years.

To learn more about our services, or if you have any queries, feel free to contact us. You can also read about experiences from our satisfied clients on our client reviews page. At Rozel, we are dedicated to ensuring safety and adherence to industry standards through our comprehensive arc flash studies.